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Whether you are migrating networks or devices in Meraki for the first or the tenth time, your question may still be the same: “How can I move devices and networks in Meraki without downtime?”.

The answer is… you can’t. However, there are a few things you can do to simplify this burdensome operation. 

One way you can go about it is by using the Meraki API to streamline the migration of your networks.

For instance, let’s say you need to move a network from one organization to another. With the APIs, you can build a script to clone one network configuration and use it to create a new network in a different organization. Or, you can also develop a different script to save a device configuration before you move it to another tenant.

If you are not quite eager to start coding, there is an easier way for you. You can use the Boundless Migration tools, which are also powered by the Meraki API, but ready-to-use.

When should you use automation
to migrate your networks and devices?

Merge Meraki Organization


When you're merging your Cisco Meraki organizations.

There are a few situations where a business may decide to re-organize and consolidate their networks under one organization. Many times these decisions come as a result of a business acquisition or a regional restructuring processes.

Whatever the reason, if you are the person managing the migration you already know how long this process may take, and the risk it involves: losing the device configuration or forgetting to add a parameter are just a few.


When you're splitting your Cisco Meraki organization.

You may not want to consolidate networks but rather to split them. Why? Many times the reason is simple: to better manage your network infrastructure.

Think about a Managed Service Provider business that manages all of their clients under one single Meraki organization. While such a structure may make sense at the beginning, as time goes by it can become difficult to manage.

As the client portfolio of the MSP grows, so does their network infrastructure, which can host hundreds of networks and devices.

In that kind of scenario, the business will need to consider splitting the organization. This will require moving networks and devices, while limiting the risks as much as possible for their clients organizations.

split Meraki organizations

Boundless Migration helps you
accelerate your migration operations.

Boundless Migration is a network management application that helps you accelerate operations and reduce downtime when moving networks and devices across organizations. The solution allows you to:

Boundless Automation Platform Overview

Automate your complex network operations
without writing a line of code.

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Boundless Migration is an off-the-shelf app included in the Boundless Platform, and that fully integrates with the Meraki Dashboard.

As every other Boundless app, Boundless Migration uses the Meraki Dashboard API to unleash the full potential of your network infrastructure.

Since the solution is pre-packaged, you don’t need to worry about creating, testing and maintaining any script at all.

Just connect your Boundless Workspace to your Meraki Dashboard, and in a few minutes you’ll be ready to go.


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