Meet Boundless

We transform the way IT teams operate by bringing agility, simplicity and flexibility into their Network Infrastructure.

Leading the Networking Transformation.

Organizations across all industries are experiencing big changes, and shifting the way they operate towards higher cost-efficiency.

IT teams are in the spotlight of these changes, and required to outperform in order to generate more value for their companies.

At Boundless, we have made our mission to support IT teams overcome today’s challenges and achieve tomorrow’s goals.
To do so, we provide them with advanced automation solutions that simplify IT management so that they can do more and better, in less time.

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Boundless helps IT teams work smarter, not harder

Why we focus on IT solutions

We believe IT teams are leading the way towards the digital transformation and should be placed at the cornerstone of every company’s evolution.

This is why we focus our efforts on providing the greatest solutions to empower IT teams with their day-to-day operations.

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Where we operate

While our headquarters are based in France, our operations expand worldwide. 
We are a global company built of global talent, and we provide enterprise-grade services and solutions all over the world.

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IT and Network is part of our DNA

Our leadership has grown in the field of IT infrastructure and IT consulting. This grants us a solid experience and deep understanding of the issues being faced by the IT departments, and helps us design and develop solutions that answer real needs.

Are you ready to transform your IT operations?