Simplified Cloud Logging

Visualize what’s happening on your network infrastructure in real time and store your logs in the Cloud.

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Why Boundless Logs Works for You

Boundless Logs is a cloud-based syslog management solution designed to help IT teams monitor, record and analyze what goes on in their systems.

Why SHOULD YOU USE Boundless Logs

More visibility into your network

Log management is a critical component of the management of a network infrastructure, and it can easily become a complex task.

Whether you have to monitor your network activity, track changes, or just store traffic-related data, getting the right log management tool can help you save loads of hours and headaches.

The Boundless Logs application helps you easily get the data you need, however and whenever you need it.

IT department monitor network activity


Simple to use, yet advanced

Boundless Logs provides the management tools you need to simplify the monitoring and analysis of your network events – so you can troubleshoot and debug much faster.

This upgraded version makes it easier to access, visualize, and interact with syslog data through your browser.

icon data accessibility

Get log data accessible
quickly and reliably

icon location data intelligence

Open black boxes and
get a wider view of
your network

icon data visualization

Reveal insights on the
performance of your
configuration rules


Seamlessly collect, aggregate, analyze and store log data

icon centralized network


Aggregate all your
network device logs in one single place.

icon fast responsiveness

Near Real-time Streaming

See what’s happening on your network devices right when it happens.

icon granular categorization


Cut down the time you spend searching for logs and accelerate MTTR.

Multiple Regions Available

Choose where you want your data to be stored from the options available.

icon role based access control

Multi User

Provide access to multiple users and enhance collaboration.

icon data security

Data Retention

Select the number
of days you want the data to be stored.

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