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Keep your network configurations consistent and compliant over time.

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Has it happened to you? You need to ensure all your configurations are compliant across a group of networks. Since you’re managing different networks, this process will take you a few hours and be pretty tedious and error-prone.

Since you know that missing a network can have critical consequences for the business, you double- or triple-check that the rules are correctly in place. And… there goes your day!

There should be a better way to run audits across Meraki networks, don’t you think?

The Audit tools included in Boundless Automation do just that. With these features you can easily verify that your network parameters are always compliant with your standards, whether these are configuration or security settings, tags or naming conventions. You just need to create gold standard templates in just a few clicks and compare them against your Cisco Meraki networks.

How can you simplify network management
and minimize risks?


Ensure that critical parameters are correctly applied to your networks.

You no longer need to manually verify that the access to certain IP addresses and URLs is correctly blocked across a group of networks settings. Nor check that another setting is applied in each and every individual network you manage. With Boundless Automation, we do it for you.

Our solution allows you to easily create configuration rule sets and automatically verifies that they’re applied across your Meraki networks using the Meraki API.

The best part? Once your rule sets are in place, you’ll immediately see which networks aren’t compliant and receive notifications when non-compliant changes are applied.

meraki configuration tag audit
meraki tag audit


Enjoy the benefits of the Meraki tags.

Tags are a great tool to categorize Meraki networks, equipment or switch ports. But if they are not correctly managed, they can create a mess.

The Tag Management tool helps you ensure that your tags are consistently applied throughout your organization. This way you eliminate the risk of having a device, switch port or network incorrectly tagged just because you typed an uppercase instead of lowercase.

You can aggregate all your tags within a centralized dashboard, monitor their conformity with internal standards, and quickly edit them when a tag seems improperly written.


Get the names right from the beginning.

Don’t you hate it when you’re looking for a device but can’t remember how it’s named? We do! This is why we created a tool that allows you to maintain a coherent and organized naming structure across all networks and devices within your infrastructure. 

A well-implemented naming system will help you increase your agility when running audits or batch configuration changes across all your Meraki networks.

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Boundless Automation helps you keep
your network configurations under control.

Boundless Automation is a network management application built for Cisco Meraki networks. It lets you automate and run at scale manual, time-consuming and burdensome networking tasks, such as bulk configuration management, audit and compliance and monitoring tools. 

With Boundless Automation you can:

Boundless Automation Platform Overview

Technology powered by the Meraki Dashboard API

The Boundless Audit and Compliance tools are powered by the Meraki Dashboard API.

This gives you access to all the possibilities the Meraki APIs provide without having to develop, test, or scale in-house scripts. As a result, you get the API value, but not the development burden.

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