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Here is a fact: more and more Meraki users are looking for ways to expand the native capabilities of the Meraki dashboard.

If you are one of them you may already know that Meraki has come up with a great solution for that: the API.

Indeed, Cisco Meraki is heavily investing in opening access to their APIs. As a result,  customers and ecosystem partners can create custom applications on top of Meraki.

But who can afford to develop, test and maintain an app? Or even a script? While some businesses do, the truth is most do not. This is why we created the Boundless Apps.

The Boundless applications let Meraki users easily automate their networks operations using a ready-to-use platform, and without having to spend tons of hours and money building their own code.

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Our range of network management solutions help you speed up the management of your Meraki infrastructure: from configuration change to network migration.

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