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If you find the Meraki templates somewhat restrictive, we got the solution for you.

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Imagine being able to deploy changes across multiple networks without using a Meraki template.

While Meraki templates allow you to deploy changes across many networks at once , they also come with some limitations. If you’ve already used them, you’ll certainly know that once a template is bound to your networks, running individual configuration changes to just one or a few sites will be either difficult or just impossible.

What you may not know is that using the Boundless Flextemplates you can deploy new configurations or update them across multiple networks without binding them to a Meraki configuration template.

How it works is really simple. The Flextemplates connect to the Meraki dashboard through the use of the Dashboard API and allow you to deploy configurations at scale across multiple networks and organizations. All in just a few clicks.

When should you use automation
to push configurations to your networks?


When you're configuring new Meraki networks.

Configuring one single network is a relatively fast and easy thing to do. When you’re provisioning more than one network, the task will become a little more tedious. If we speak about over 10 networks, this task isn’t only annoying… it can also become error-prone.

Using the Meraki templates to help you with this job can help you go faster. But what if your networks parameters are not homogeneous? Or what if you just don’t want to have them bound to a template?

In these cases, you can use the Boundless Flextemplates to deploy your configuration and security settings across your new networks more quickly and minimizing the risk of human error. The best part is that you can deploy multiple Flextemplates with different configurations to the same networks, gaining more flexibility and ensuring standardization.

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When you're pushing changes to many networks.

Network configurations are not a static thing. They are usually quite dynamic — specially when it comes to Firewall settings.

Just think about the number of times you’ve had to block a new IP address or url across all of your networks. It probably isn’t not the most interesting and rewarding job, is it?

With the Flextemplates you can push configuration parameters across all your organizations — or just a bunch of networks — in just a couple of minutes.

Explore the Flextemplates:
More flexibility to manage your network configurations.

Included under the Boundless Automation App, the Flextemplates  allows you to:
Boundless Automation Platform Overview

Technology powered by the Meraki Dashboard API.

The Boundless Flextemplates are powered by the Meraki Dashboard API.

This gives you access to all the possibilities the Meraki APIs provide without having to develop, test, or scale in-house scripts.

As a result, you save yourself some time, money, effort, and headaches.

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