Moving and migrating Meraki devices with the click of a button

How did RCS Professional Services manage to save precious hours by optimizing the migration of Meraki networks and devices?

Founded in 1999, RCS Professional Services has an impressive track record of success in helping businesses be more efficient, productive and competitive through the management of their IT infrastructure. They have great experience with Cloud managed technology and using Cisco Meraki.

In this article we discuss with Jeffrey Tebele, Founder and President at RCS Professional Services, about the challenges they’ve encountered when managing Meraki network infrastructures and how they’ve been able to overcome those challenges with the help of automation.

Boundless Digital (B.D.) — What kind of services do you provide at RCS Professional Services?

Jeffrey Tebele (J.T.) — As an IT Managed Service Provider, we help businesses manage, maintain, and execute on technology. We provide managed services to about a hundred customers, and we typically work with vendors like Microsoft, Google or Apple at the software front. Along with Cisco Meraki, Dell and Lenovo, among others, on the hardware front.
B.D. — Why did you guys choose Cisco Meraki for your networking needs?
J.T. — The low overhead associated with it. The Cloud management concept — which they were very early with, or even first — is a low overhead for us as a managed service provider. It’s less [overhead] for our clients as well. We can charge them less because there’s less labor associated with deploying and maintaining [their network infrastructure].
B.D. — It seems that everything was going well with Meraki. Ultimately, what was the challenge you faced that brought you to Boundless?
J.T. — With our experience with Meraki — which is really awesome — we’ve run into issues where clients want to break apart their networks. Maybe they are having a spin-off or some sort of consolidation, or the reverse, and they need to move devices from one tenant to another, in order to break things apart or patch them together. Surprisingly there is no way for them to do that [in the Meraki dashboard] with the click of a button. From our talks with the [Meraki] Tech Support we needed to unclaim the device from the tenant. This basically means that [the device] loses all settings and we have to rebuild the network, some of which will require onsite presence at the site because things would need to be manually reconfigured. It just created a much bigger cost for a project like that, so it was troublesome. I was Googling around and I found you. Apparently, you were able to do that through automation from a control panel while sitting at a computer.
B.D. — Indeed. So how did our solution change things? What was the impact?

J.T. — We had a couple sites that we wanted to disband from an existing canon, and then put them into their own tenant. [Boundless Digital] Showed us that it could be done [through automation].

You go from several hours, or days even – depending on the complexity of the network and how many devices are in there – to minutes or an hour.

Obviously, we had some concerns. We know clients that had outages, obstructions, frustrations… So we actually sent someone to be there onsite, just in case, but it wasn’t needed. So that was nice.

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B.D. — Could you describe how the experience was working with Boundless?
J.T. — It was very pleasant. Everything just worked, there were no surprises. Obviously, there is always questioning with new things that haven’t been tried before. We don’t want to have issues with things that are new… especially in production environments. But it worked well, so we were pleasantly surprised.
B.D. — What did you appreciate the most and the least [when working with Boundless]?
J.T. — What I appreciated the most is the amount of time that it saved us. And appreciate the least… There is nothing I can really say. It was a tool that worked well for us. We will hopefully be able to use it again. And I know that we can do a lot of other things that we didn’t tap into.
B.D. — Would you recommend Boundless to a friend?
J.T. — Yes.
B.D. — Amazing! Thank you very much, Jeffrey.

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