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Providing public or Guest WiFi access entails a responsibility with it: Ensuring a good level of security to your users against inappropriate content and malicious sites. 

Boundless Guest Security allows you to better control your Guest WiFi network and protect it from unwanted risks.

The perfect complement to
Boundless Guest

This advanced DNS-based solution perfectly integrates to Boundless Guest, providing you with the most complete, advanced and easy-to-manage Guest WiFi offer.

icon network management


Streamlined workflow,
and easy-to-use
dashboard interface.

icon network deployment


Use existing WiFi networks.
No need for software or
hardware installation.

icon centralized platform


Cloud-based infrastructure
that overcomes hardware limitations.

icon granular categorization


Its policy engine includes 53
different website category
options and additional
customizable categories.

icon flexible security policies

Customizable Policies

Easily create and manage your
own policy to protect
individuals or user groups,
including whitelists and
blacklists of URL’s and domains.

icon flexible pricing


Affordable and flexible
licensing model adapted to
both SME and big organizations.

How it works.

Boundless Guest Security is DNS based. This means that the DNS requests made from your Guest WiFi will get analyzed.

For example, when a user using your WiFi requests a website from their laptop, smartphone or tablet, this request gets redirected to the WebTitan Cloud. Once there, the DNS request gets checked against your predefined policy and sends a response based on whether the site is blocked or not. If the site is blocked, the user will get an informational message. 

If it is not, they will get redirected to the requested site.

All this happens instantaneously, so the user does not perceive any latency or speed delay at all. As simple as that.

Scheme representing how Boundless Guest Security works

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