A More Secure Guest WiFi Environment For Your Visitors.

An advanced web content filter to enhance the security of your Guest WiFi network.

Increase the security of your Guest WiFi service by complementing it with Boundless Guest Security, Web Content Filter solution that acts at the DNS level.

With Boundless Guest Security you can easily block access to unwanted content categories or malicious websites from your Guest WiFi network.

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Save WiFi bandwidth and prevent illegal downloads.

Boundless Guest Security allows you to stop users from downloading large amounts of content by applying upstream and downstream bandwidth limitations to your WiFi network.

You can also prevent access to streaming websites through your Guest WiFi network by blacklisting these categories.

Protect your users from online threats.

The DNS is a critical threat vector, and a major component of malware and phishing attacks today. 
By enforcing web content filtering at the DNS layer, you can block malicious domains before a connection is even established. This results on a higher-level protection for your users and an improved security for your network.


of malware uses the DNS infrastructures to carry out attacks.


of organizations report having experienced DNS attacks*.


experienced business downtime as a direct consequence*.

*Source: 2019 Global DNS Threat Report.

Web Content Filters: How it Works.

scheme showing how Boundless Security works

Boundless Guest Security is a DNS-based Web Content Filter solution. This means that DNS requests made from your Guest WiFi will get analyzed.

For example, when a user using your WiFi requests a website from their laptop, smartphone or tablet, this request gets redirected to the WebTitan Cloud. Once there, the DNS request gets checked against your predefined policy and sends a response based on whether the site is blocked or not. If the site is blocked, the user will get an informational message.

If it is not, they will get redirected to the requested site.

All this happens instantaneously, so the user does not perceive any latency or speed delay at all. As simple as that.

Seamlessly integrates with

…and more.

How can DNS-based Security protect your network?


Boundless Guest is the ideal solution for companies looking to implement a Guest WiFi network on a multi-site enterprise environment.

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