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Expand the potential of your Guest WiFi network

Advanced Cloud Captive Portal for Cisco Meraki Networks

Your Cisco Meraki guest WiFi network can be a source of value for both your visitors and your business.

It gives value to your visitors when you enable fast, secure and seamless guest WiFi access.

It can also bring value to you as you can collect key information from your visitors in a compliant manner.

With Boundless Guest, you can easily leverage that value through the use of advanced Captive Portals.

Boundless Guest is the Captive Portal solution many businesses have chosen to integrate with their Cisco Meraki Guest WiFi venues.

It includes advanced features that respond to the widest variety of business needs: multiple login methods, fully customizable Splash Pages, QoS parameters, or an advanced analytics dashboards, to name a few.

Boundless Guest x Cisco Meraki
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Boundless Digital Platform in Different Devices

Build Beautiful Splash Pages Almost Instantly

Use the drag and drop builder to create customized Splash Pages, and include the login method most adapted to your needs. Connect the Splash Page to your Meraki venue in just a few clicks. 

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Boundless Guest Analytics Dashboard

Enhance your Marketing Campaigns with More Data and More Leads

Collect more qualified leads for your marketing efforts, as well as other analytics data to build more customized campaigns. Keep track of your month over month performance with our intuitive analytics dashboard.

Securely Collect and Store your Syslog Data

Boundless Guest has integrated a syslog management application to help organizations ensure compliance with local regulations.

traffic log storage

No matter the business type,

Boundless Guest adapts to your needs

The solution includes multiple login methods, with social login, ticketing, or Active Directory, among others. It can be complemented with a content filtering solutions and a syslog server, for those businesses looking for better compliance.


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