Bridging the gap between IT and Marketing

February 5, 2020 - Boundless team - Blog

IT teams are at the forefront of innovation in most industries and driving the digital transformation of many organizations. However, there is still a disconnect between IT and Marketing departments, who aren’t yet capitalizing on potential synergies to drive more value to their business.

It’s time to break company silos and bring together IT and Marketing professionals to create unique and groundbreaking growth strategies, that leverage digital technologies, big data, and automation to deliver better customer experiences and drive success.

Marketing meets IT across industries

How can businesses leverage the power of marketing and IT to maximize success based on their industry needs?

  • Retail: Reveal key insights on your customer in-store behavior and inform marketing decisions thanks to Camera and Wi-Fi technologies.
  • Hospitality: Unleash the power of Guest WiFi to create new marketing opportunities and enhance the customer experience.
  • Public venues: Open a new channel to communicate with venue visitors and create sponsoring opportunities for your partners.
  • Digital workplace: Capitalize on your secured Guest WiFi portal as a tool to communicate corporate messages or key information to guest visitors.
An image showing 3 mobile screens, these screens are the Splash Pages that will allow you to connect to the WiFi

Boundless Digital is the bridge

Boundless Digital helps companies maximize synergies across the IT and Marketing departments to achieve one common goal.

Our portfolio includes comprehensive Guest WiFi and Location Analytics solutions based on camera, WiFi and beacon technologies. These are designed to effectively detect customer onsite presence and collect insightful behavior data, ensuring GDPR compliance, so to inform marketing strategies and create new opportunities to improve brand experience.

Our added value is to provide easy-to-use, scalable tools that simplify and accelerate the configuration and management of IT networks, thus providing truly performant assets for both IT and Marketing teams.

Boundless Digital provides innovative tools to help IT teams become the cornerstone of any marketing, digital and commercial strategy.

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