Boost your customer engagement using Guest WiFi

September 30, 2020 - Boundless Team - Blog

The value of customer experience

Today, customers expect more simplicity and personalization from their experiences.

It’s an easy equation: more simplicity and personalization equals greater customer satisfaction and engagement.

So how can you contribute to providing an amazing customer experience at your Bar, Restaurant, or Coffee Shop?

The answer is simple: Using Guest WiFi  📶

Putting in place a Guest WiFi solution at your Bar, Restaurant, or Coffee Shop, and using all the possibilities it provides can help you BOOST your customer engagement while benefiting from WiFi Network MONETIZATION.

To learn how to do that check out these 3 HACKS 👇:

Use multiple login methods and simplify the customer’s access to your Guest WiFi

Consider proposing a wide range of login methods, including email address, SMS… or even social media login!
This will not only simplify the access to your WiFi, but also help you increase your customer database! (Spoiler alert: on Hack #3 we explain why this is important 😉).

Customize your Splash and Landing pages

Your Splash and Landing page can be a great marketing and communication tool! You can use them to advertise your new menu, talk about your future events, or display your latest promotions.

Some innovative captive portals, like Boundless Guest, allow you to easily create impactful Splash pages, using your own visuals and branding.

You can also create different Splash and Landing pages per venue and easily update them if you have a last-minute offer!

If you want to make the WiFi experience even better, consider adding a personal Welcome message, using the name provided in the login form. Calling your customers by their name on the landing page will just WOW them!

Enrich your customer database and engage with them after each visit

Use the data your customer provided to continue engaging with them through SMS or email.

For example, ask them to rate their meal or overall their experience, and offer them a discount in exchange for their feedback. You can then keep them updated regularly of your latest promotions and upcoming events. This will keep your clients coming back!

⚠️IMPORTANT NOTE: Before creating a customer database, make sure you ask your customers for their active consent to collect and stock their personal data, following GDPR or other local data protection regulations.

Some captive portals, like Boundless Guest, integrate an opt-in box as part of the login form to ensure you stay compliant with local regulations.
woman using Guest WiFi in a coffee store
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Analyze your customer data and easily gather insightful take-outs to use in your future marketing campaigns!

Boundless Guest includes an intuitive dashboard so that you can rapidly access and visualize key metrics!

Take a look to the Boundless Guest Brochure

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