Petit Forestier teams up with Boundless Digital for its digital transformation

June 5, 2019 | Boundless Team | Blog

Founded in 1907, Petit Forestier plays a leading role in the cold chain sector. With 280 sites in France and in Europe and more than 4500 employees, they are the leaders of refrigerated vehicles rental.

The French group launched its digital transformation a few years ago, and oriented their strategy towards a Cloud and SaaS-based model. With that objective, the company group decided to go with Cisco Meraki’s solutions for their network infrastructure. 

For the management of their Guest WiFi, Petit Forestier was looking for an advanced SaaS solution that could offer simplicity, reliability and scalability. These are the reasons they have trusted Boundless Guest, our Cloud-based Captive Portal, for the management of their Guest WiFi networks.

Thanks to Boundless Guest, Petit Forestier can benefit from the numerous advantages an advanced SaaS solution can provide:

  1. Simplicity of deployment and management in a multi-site environment
  2. Software scalability that matches the IT team’s expectations
  3. Integration with their digital marketing tools,  an essential component to their business needs.

At Boundless Digital, we are proud of contributing to Petit Forestier’s digital transformation by putting, once again, IT at the core.

Take a look to the Boundless Guest Brochure

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