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Transform location data into actionable information.

Boundless Analytics is a Cloud-based location analytics solution.
It’s been designed to streamline venue operations and optimize performance through the detection, collection, and aggregation of visitor data from your physical locations.

Fully compliant with

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Boundless Analytics gets you the information you need.

icon location data points

Multiple detection data points

Collect quantitative information from dozens of data points from video and WiFi technologies.
icon data visualization

Aggregated data visualization

Bring together data from multiple sources and venues for a more comprehensive overview.
icon location data intelligence

Enhanced location intelligence

Measure visitor data, reveal behavioral patterns, predict trends, and take data-driven decisions.

Harness location analytics in all simplicity and security

icon network management

Centralized Cloud Platform

Single, easy-to-use
dashboard interface.

icon network deployment


Streamlined setup
thanks to SaaS technology.

icon scalable technology


Seamless WiFi
data extraction and aggregation.

icon MV Sense camera

MV Cameras

Deep integration
with the Meraki
MV Sense API.

icon role based access control

Access Control

Creation of different
levels of access
to dashboards and data.

icon data security

Data Security

Anonymized data collection
to ensure compliance
with GDPR and CNIL.

Boundless Analytics integrates with

Our solutions deeply integrate with Meraki Location Analytics and MV Sense Camera technologies, through the Meraki APIs.

Release your location data.

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