Manage the renewal of
Meraki Licenses more efficiently.

Streamline the management of Meraki licenses, simplify the renewal process and reduce the risk of error.

Technology powered by Cisco Meraki and Rhino Networks


Take the pain out of licensing
and save both time and money.

With Boundless Licensing you can easily track due to expire soon licenses and proactively plan and process order renewals in just a few clicks.

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Get the Meraki inventory under control.

The solution uses the Meraki API to extract inventory information from the Meraki dashboard and aggregates in a centralized dashboard. 

Thanks to its single-pane visibility and filtering tools,  you can run audits faster, more accurately and right on time. 


Simplify the renewal process.

Make the licensing reporting actionable by managing asset renewals and placing new orders within minutes.

Boundless Licensing integrates with Rhino Networks — an official and well-renowned Cisco Meraki Partner — to make license renewal fast and easy.

Boundless Licensing Dashboard - Renewal
*The License Renewal feature is currently available for US-based orders only.
Boundless Licensing Dashboard - Cart Order
*The License Renewal feature is currently available for US-based orders only.


Minimize the risk of errors.

Ensure you are ordering the right number of license and matching the hardware model. Boundless Licensing helps you determine the correct Meraki license for each of your devices, and calculates the number of licenses required for the selected assets.

Get only the necessary licenses renewed, avoiding wrong orders, missing licenses or overbuying. Get right what you need, when you need it, in a few clicks.

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You won't know how much you needed this tool until you try it.

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No More
Expired Licenses

Get your inventory and expiration dates under control with no effort.

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No More
Time Wasted

Centralize your inventory and manage orders from a single place.

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No More
Wrong Orders

Avoid unpleasant surprises when getting your licenses renewed.


Simple — Fast — Reliable Integrations.

A solution powered by the Meraki API and Rhino Networks.


Get started in a few minutes and be guided by one of our experts during an onboarding call.


Connect Boundless Licensing to your Cisco Meraki dashboard by using your API key.


Process the renewal of your licenses with Rhino Networks within a few minutes.

Level up the management of your Cisco Meraki infrastructure.

Get started with Boundless Licensing.