Boundless 101: What is NetOps?

Network Operations is one of the more abstract ideas within the IT world. It’s possible that because it is new, and more abstract, that you haven’t heard of it, or don’t understand it.

Let’s demystify it a bit, shall we?

What is NetOps?

Network Operations, otherwise known as NetOps, is more than just a system to implement within a company. It’s an idea about integrating the systems we work with, the data we deal with, and the people who utilize these services. NetOps is a philosophy about how a company should work, and the process through which that ideal comes about. NetOps encompasses the activities and plans involved in communication network maintenance and use.

How it works

The overarching goal of NetOps is to improve network engineers’ ability to accomplish their duties and aims. This is usually done through increased automation and analytics that in turn streamline connection between networks, the teams that run them, and the engineers that build them – it requires the incorporation of design, documentation, testing, and operating teams as well.

How is it different from DevOps?

DevOps is defined by IT Pro as: ” a set of practices that combine software development and IT operations to shorten the development cycle when delivering features, fixes, and updates.” This varies from NetOps because the emphasis on networks within organizations is not present.

What are its benefits?

The largest benefit that comes from incorporating NetOps into your company is that it increases efficiency. While the changes to infrastructure and the time to automate systems can take time up front, the changes lead to a more productive system overall and for the long term. By encouraging the design, documentation, testing, and operating processing groups to work together, problems can be solved from every angle at once. This saves time, and creates more well-rounded products much quicker.

Best practices

Because NetOps often requires a significant mental shift for employees and the time and energy to automate, it’s best to start out with just one small product or program to begin. Employee and customer buy-in will increase as they see the benefits of working in this new way and there will be more support for introducing NetOps to other areas of your company.

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