Empower your remote workforce without overloading your IT resources

Forward-thinking companies are determined to maintain workforce business continuity during uncertain times

More and more businesses are preparing to embrace a long-lasting “Hybrid working model” – a new model of working that combines remote work with office work.

For this model to work, companies must ensure their remote workers can get an enterprise-grade network experience regardless of their workspace.

This way, remote workers can be as performant anywhere they are, while businesses maintain, and in some cases increase, the overall productivity and efficiency of their teams.

THE Hybrid work model leadS to increasingly complex network environments.

The network is a critical component of this new Hybrid model’s success.

While using Cisco Meraki can help IT teams simplify the deployment and management of the new networks, chances are that IT teams may still see their workload drastically bump up as hundreds of new networks will need to be deployed, provisioned and managed on a regular basis.

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Therefore, the challenge is to ensure IT teams can efficiently manage a growing network infrastructure without compromising their agility and capacity to react.

Boundless Automation can help businesses do just that. And even more.

Boundless helps modern business grow their network, not their workload

Boundless Automation is an off-the-shelf network automation platform powered by Cisco Meraki.

It seamlessly integrates with your Meraki Dashboard so that you can benefit from all the advantages of automating your network, in no time, with no pitfalls.

From hours to minutes: cut down in network deployment time.

Boundless Automation helps modern businesses reliably launch hundreds and even thousands of networks, in just a matter of minutes.

It includes the Batch Network Creator, a built-in tool that lets you deploy multiple Meraki networks and devices in batches in just a few clicks (literally).

How it works

You can first define a CSV file with all of the parameters for your network, such as tags, device, and templates, as you normally do.
Then, you can upload this file to the tool and define your own custom workflow for creating your new networks.
Once executed, your networks will automatically be created on your Meraki organization.

As a result, you can streamline the deployment process, saving a lot of time and getting networks created with no mistakes.

And because you reduce accidental errors, this means that you can expect a lot less unplanned downtime for your networks, and resolve issues much more quickly.

Stay in control of your network.

Let’s say you now have a wide number of central and remote WLAN networks, with thousands of client devices connected to them.

You can easily lose track of what’s connected to each network. More importantly, if you have to quickly find a particular device across your whole organization, this will surely become a quite time-consuming affair.

Boundless Automation makes that process simple. The advanced monitoring tool retrieves all of the client information from your Meraki organization, and shows you a list of all of the devices that have connected to your networks on one screen.

You can search and filter by MAC address, IP address, SSID, or any of other characteristics that we collect, such as manufacturer, VLAN, device name, or network it’s connected to.

This way, you can quickly identify what’s using your network, and where, enhancing security, improving performance, and troubleshooting much faster.


Hybrid Work models will be the future of many companies and businesses worldwide. But to ensure this model works out well in the long-run, companies must consider the implications it may have from an IT perspective.

Boundless Automation can help your business take the leap towards a Hybrid Work model, without risking to overloading your IT staff or compromising their capabilities.

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