Boundless reinforces its security by bringing new features in

New security releases

Online safety is a huge concern for everyone – especially network administrators.

Whereas passwords are the most standard method to protect access to an account or platform, hackers are getting better and better at scooping them, putting at stake the security of an organization.

The security of our users and their organizations is one of our core priorities. We are therefore investing time and effort to come up with new features that will continuously reinforce the security of the Boundless platform.

Today, we are releasing 4 new security configuration settings that will allow you to reinforce the security of your organization.

  • Regular password update
  • Strong password
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Unauthorized IP access blockage

Thanks to these new features, Network Administrators can ensure users having access to their organization have strong passwords, come from allowed IP addresses and have two-factor authentication enabled. 

If the user’s account isn’t secured enough, administrators can block them access to the platform.

How to guide

Are you ready to reinforce the security access to your organization?

This is simple and fast (as usual 😉).

To get started, from the Boundless dashboard click on Organization, then in Settings. Once the sub-section navigation bar appears on the top, click on Security.
The Security tab gives you access to these new features. Just click on each on them.
  • Require users to regularly change their password
  • Require users to strengthen their password
  • Require users to enable two-factor authentication
  • Block access from unauthorized IP ranges 
When required, type in your own parameters.

Once implemented, these settings will be enforced on all users of your organization. Users who do not meet your configured criteria will not be able to access the organization.

And that’s it – as easy as that. Go ahead and reinforce your security configuration on Boundless.  

When it comes to security, adding an extra layer is always good. 👍

Any idea of new features you’d like us to implement?

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