Cisco Live 2022: The 10 DevNet Sessions On Automation and APIs You Don’t Want To Miss

The next edition of Cisco Live is taking place on June 13-16, 2022, and we are going ALL IN!

Happening in Las Vegas, Nevada, Cisco Live 2022 will bring together some of the biggest and brightest experts in IT to share their knowledge, insights and perspectives around Networking, Connectivity and the Future of Technology and Business.

If you are looking to extract real value from the event and discover new solutions to solve today’s and tomorrow’s challenges, here you’ll find a list of DevNet sessions you should seriously consider attending.

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The DevNet Zone at Cisco Live 2022: What’s In It For You

There are many reasons to attend Cisco Live. For one, to discover new ways to innovate and prepare for the future of technology.

The DevNet Zone is THE place to do that. Whether you are a seasoned programmer or a beginner, attending the DevNet sessions and hands-on training will allow you to acquire new knowledge and expertise rapidly, that you can then apply in your IT practice from Day 1.

Attend Cisco Live And Go Back Home With a Network Automation Plan

For those of you joining Cisco Live and looking to get new IT capabilities — either through programming or plug-and-play solutions —, we’ve put together a DevNet Program that will help walk away with a new set of skills and ideas of operations to automate using the Meraki APIs.

Monday June 13, 2022

——  Shweta Palande, Software Engineer, Cisco Systems, Inc.

This session will introduce the Meraki platform and its integration points. We will look at the three basic ways a developer can integrate with the Meraki platform while covering the Meraki Dashboard APIs in depth. Attendees will also be introduced to the Location Scanning API. Finally, we will examine the Wireless Health APIs and Webhook alerts.

More information available here.


——  Cory Guynn, Product Management Architect, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Can you convert this Meraki API JSON into a spreadsheet? Can you loop through all of our networks and create a table of device statistics? With this session, you’ll be saying “Yes!” to these questions in no time. We will explore the Meraki API using Postman, but with a little power tool called JSON Magic. You will learn how to quickly view the API output in a table format, shape the data and export it. Then, we will build instant Google Sheets using the Meraki Tools add-on where you can generate graphs and charts to your heart’s content.

More information available here.


—— Jacky Lo, Ecosystem Business Development Manager, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Technology partners are Meraki integrators at heart. These partners can take valuable Meraki data and create turn-key solutions. This session aims to demonstrate how partners solve customer challenges by leveraging turn-key applications available in the Meraki Marketplace. Join this session to learn more about how these solutions can be customized and tailored to extract data sets that deliver real business value.

More information available here.


—— John M. Kutcha, Product Architect, Cisco Systems, Inc.

In this lightning talk I will recap the latest developments in Meraki APIs with a strong focus on Meraki Dashboard API and how we make it easier than ever to leverage Meraki data and tools in your applications.

More information available here.


Tuesday June 14, 2022

——  Matt Denapoli, Senior Manager Developer Advocacy, Cisco Systems, Inc.

The first step towards business intelligence is acquiring information to process. Learn how to leverage technologies like API, webhooks, MQTT, and RTSP to pull up to sub-second information from the Meraki “full stack.”


More information available here.


——  Cory Guynn, Product Management Architect, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Meraki has just supercharged the webhook system for delivering network alerts. You can now create “payload templates” to shape the outgoing JSON message to fit any common REST API service. This means you can configure Meraki to send alerts directly to your Webex, Slack, or favorite messaging service, send notifications to PagerDuty or log the events into DataDog. This session will explore the new webhook payload template features, related APIs and how you can get started writing your own templates using the Liquid template language.

More information available here.


Wednesday June 15, 2022

——  Shweta Palande, Software Engineer, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Though the Meraki dashboard embodies Intent-based Networking, modern business needs have pushed us beyond what manual processes can accommodate. Unleash the power of programmability and drive toward greater efficiency, fewer errors, more rapid action, and increased business value. We’ll look at the information we acquired in the Meraki 201 session to take action at scale, integrate with other solutions, and create dashboards to achieve business outcomes.

More information available here.


——  Matt Denapoli, Senior Manager Developer Advocacy, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Meraki’s Dashboard API offers a broad opportunity for network automation, but employing the use of the Meraki Python SDK and action batches, automation engineers can speed up development and execution of their automation scripts.

More information available here.


——  Soumya Dey, Systems Engineer(Sales), Cisco Systems, Inc.

Age old musings within enterprises have been focussed on whether IT aids in the acceleration of business. Often, even in today’s world, IT has been perceived as a cost center rather than as a business driver in spite of technology revolutionizing the way we operate.

Automation, which has transformed IT has in turn transformed business models across different industries be it manufacturing,healthcare,retail or finance among others.

This session will focus on how Devnet, Cisco’s flagship developer program for professionals who want to write code and build automation solutions by integrating with Cisco portfolio, can be the gluing agent marrying automation and business processes. There will also be an associated demo leveraging MV Sense API of the Meraki MV smart cameras.

The attendees will walk away with insights on how they can leverage Devnet as a platform to build automation solutions that can complement their businesses.

More information available here.


Thursday June 16, 2022

——  Shweta Palande, Software Engineer, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Meraki APIs allow for the instant and automated control that modern networks and managed services require. In this session, you’ll learn how to programmatically access the Meraki dashboard using API endpoints. We’ll cover using the interactive documentation, Postman collection, and SDK to create applications for configuration, monitoring, and reporting in Meraki networks.

More information available here.


On top of the DevNet sessions, we’d also recommend taking a tour around the Programming for Network Engineers Walk-in Lab. The Walk-in Labs allow you to work through predesigned scenarios at your own pace with Subject Matter Experts on hand to answer questions and guide you through the scenarios. To make the most out of them, we recommend you to prepare a list of questions ready to be asked. Then, walk-in and ask the experts!

——  Ambili Sasidharan, Customer Delivery Architect, Cisco Systems, Inc.

——  Senthil Palanisamy, Principal Architect, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Network programming and automation can greatly help to simplify the administration tasks involved in configuring, managing, and operating Cisco network devices. Python has become the default standard to interact with network devices and automate day-to-day network tasks. Today’s network engineers not only need to about programming, but they need to build tools that can automate network tasks like: – Provision network services – Generate configurations from templates – Gather network data, parse and generate reports – Automate network monitoring and alerting.


How to Register To Cisco Live [In Person Attendance & Digital Pass]

Get ready for Cisco Live 2022! This year you can choose to attend in person or online. To register, just visit the Cisco Live website.

If you choose to join the conference from the comfort of your home or office you may not have access to the DevNet sessions or Walk-in Lab. Nevertheless, you can still benefit from high-quality online training at any time by visiting the DevNet site.

Come and Meet us at Cisco Live 2022!

If you are attending Cisco Live in person and are interested to have a coffee while discussing APIs and automation, reach out to us – we’d love to meet you!

The Boundless Digital team will be onsite and we are looking forward to networking with IT experts who, like us, have a strong interest in networking, automation and APIs!

Get ready for Cisco Live 2022! Register now by visiting the Cisco Live website.

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