Improve medical patient services with Wi-Fi technology

Improve medical patient services with Wi-Fi technology

Hospitals, clinics, medical practices and mutual health centers now have the means to improve the quality of their services by having a high-performance, secure and homogeneous Wi-Fi network. With Boundless Healthcare Guest solutions, it is possible to provide patients and visitors with a high-speed, free and secure Wi-Fi guest network. The key is a better service for patients, while respecting the confidentiality of patient data and the legal framework of the RGPD. Since medical data is particularly sensitive, Boundless Digital partners are approved by COFRAC.


  • Guiding patients and visitors to the institution
  • Provide a fast, free and secure connection
  • Ensure a consistent broadband connection throughout the facility
  • Ensure the security of patient data through the use of the captive guest portal
  • Improve the comfort of patients and visitors
  • Interact with patients and visitors
  • Customize your splash page to the image of the establishment


Our solution

Boundless Healthcare Guest enables healthcare facilities to modernize with the help of Wi-Fi technology. With this solution, the structure provides patients and visitors with free and secure Wi-Fi access to the Internet. She can also interact directly with them via a captive guest portal, by sending them notifications, offering to make an appointment or guiding them in the establishment. The objective of Boundless Heathcare guest is therefore both to improve the well-being of patients and their loved ones, but also to streamline communication between health professionals and patients, which allows to reduce the burden of work of a staff often overloaded.

Captive Portal Configuration

• Choice of captive portal structure (page breakdown and connection means)

• Customization of the content (text and image) of the splash page

Interaction with the patient

• Consultation notifications

• Make appointments easier

• Guidance within the structure

• Information on available staff

• Provision of doctor reporting forms to complete


• Extracting the consultation history

• Flow analysis in the institution


• Satisfaction surveys (evaluation of waiting times, reception, quality of care…)

• Analysis of patient feedback


With Boundless Healthcare Guest, healthcare facilities offer their patients and visitors a high-speed Internet connection through the establishment of a guest Wi-Fi network. Through this device, visitors identify themselves on the captive guest portal and indicate the reason for their visit. In addition to providing a quick and free connection to patients, health facilities also become able to interact directly with patients and their loved ones in a personalized way to deliver the best information and the best possible care. They can quickly adapt their management according to the flows, emergencies and needs of patients, while respecting the framework of the GDPR.