Combine beacons and mobile app to improve business life and facilitate management

Collaborative experience is a crucial issue to optimize the productivity of a company. Boundless Digital offers solutions combining beacons and mobile application to facilitate interactions between employees, the administration, the various services and their environment. So, booking a room, ordering a meal, finding your way around the office, or finding a parking space becomes easier than ever. But making life easier for employees and simplifying procedures is also making the company more productive!


  • Improve well-being at work
  • Save time and productivity
  • Fluidify communication between employees, the administration and the various services
  • Ensure the safety of all

Thanks to Wi-Fi and beacon technologies, Boundless can develop several solutions to help businesses digitize. This involves the development of a mobile application intended for employees to facilitate their travel, their communication and ultimately their life in business. Boundless solutions make information easily accessible to those who need it and help the company maximize productivity.

Communication within the company

• In-house social network

• Livechat between employees

• Access to the location of his colleagues

Catering Service


• Access to the menu of the catering area of the company
• Opportunity to invite colleagues
• Ability to have a meal delivered anywhere in the company

Finding yourself in the company


• Access to company plans
• Guiding employees according to their location in the company
• Access to real-time employee position in the company

Connected Park

• Navigation in the car park
• Display of free and occupied places
• Reminder of the location of his vehicle

Meeting Room Reservation

• Choice of time slot
• Showing available rooms
• Location of rooms
• Quick cancellation
• Automatic release of reserved rooms in case of prolonged delay

Employee Safety

• Guidance of employees in case of emergency evacuation
• Emergency notifications in real time
• Safety instructions

With Boundless Digital’s Digital Workplace solutions, it is now possible to connect all employees to their workplace. Business life is made more pleasant, the work of all is facilitated, the internal communication made more fluid, which allows both to achieve productivity gains and improve the well-being of employees. What improve the image of the company with the staff and make it shine on the professional scene. What better than a modern and efficient company to attract new talent and turn prospects into customers?

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