How To Manage Meraki Licenses More Efficiently

The Boundless Licensing dashboard resolves much of the complexity involved in managing Cisco Meraki licenses. Whether you’re a Network Engineer, Account Executive, or Procurement Manager, the Boundless Licensing dashboard can help you with this often tedious part of your job.

With the help of this dashboard, you can now prevent incorrect license orders, missed expiration dates, and unhappy stakeholders. In this article, we explain you how.

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What is Boundless Licensing?

Boundless Licensing is the latest product released by Boundless Digital. By collaborating with our partners at Rhino Networks, we’ve created a never before seen bridge between the Cisco Meraki dashboard and the distributor. This is a solution especially built for the Managed Service Providers and large enterprises who’ve had trouble managing the licenses for all of their Meraki organizations and networks.

The solution offers a complete view of all your Meraki organizations, making it easier to forecast and predict license expenditure.

Furthermore, Boundless Licensing allows you to easily place license renewal orders directly and within minutes. Instead of having to navigate between multiple dashboards, you can now easily avoid having to copy license and device information manually.

Why use Boundless Licensing for Cisco Meraki?

Although the Meraki dashboard does send out alerts for expiring licenses, you can still miss them if you’ve got a ton of organizations. Even when you’re not missing them, simply managing the labor involved in creating new orders, passing on relevant information to key stakeholders, and actually putting in the licenses manually can be quite cumbersome. 

Having the ability to view and sort upcoming renewals can give you much better peace of mind and allow you to instantly view the license state for all of your organizations at any time.

The Boundless Licensing Dashboard eliminates the need for much of the unnecessary low-value labor involved in managing licenses, as you now have a global visibility and the ability to place orders all integrated into one system. This means the handoff of information is no longer required as all the data is visible to all parties involved. No more missed licenses, no more wasted licenses, and no more unnecessary communication.

How does Boundless Licensing help Meraki users?

Managing licenses for many organizations can be a tedious and mundane process. Although the Meraki dashboard does provide internal visibility, there isn’t really a way to cohesively view this across many organizations. This can make juggling all these different licenses a complicated process as different organizations can be in different stages of the license ordering process. Having one tool to manage everything simplifies this process completely.
Boundless Licensing Dashboard - Inventory

Whether it be co-termination or per-device licensing, the Boundless Licensing dashboard enables you to build out a much better license management strategy. You can prepare for renewals ahead of time, and forecast expenditure based on upcoming renewals across your entire fleet of Cisco Meraki devices.

Another feature is the ability to easily create quotes. The tool downloads data from your organizations to present you with an estimate of how much this particular license renewal would cost.

Whether it be co-termination or per-device licensing, the Boundless Licensing dashboard enables you to build out a much better license management strategy.

Boundless Licensing Dashboard Renewal

Most importantly however, the entire renewal process is far more streamlined. The data for your order is directly passed through to our partners at Rhino Networks, where you can confirm the order and make the payment.

The certainty that you’re ordering the right license edition and the correct license for each hardware model enables you to avoid many chains of communication and move forward much faster with orders. Previously, an engineer may have to respond to a license expiration alert by manually noting all the technical information, after which a quote has to be manually prepared based on the information. This quote then finally is approved and sent for an order to be placed.

With Boundless Licensing, everything is organized here into one simple dashboard so different stakeholders can communicate with each other far more effectively.

Which technologies does Boundless Licensing integrate with?

Boundless Licensing uses several APIs to be able to accomplish this successfully.

Integration with the Meraki APIs

By integrating with the Meraki Dashboard API, Boundless Licensing captures all of the data in regards to your existing licenses and hardware. Being able to track this allows for the dashboard to be populated with everything that concerns your licenses. We do not make any changes to the dashboard, only reading from what you already have.

Integration with Rhino Networks

The dashboard really shines in its integration with Rhino Networks. Through this collaboration we’ve been able to create a never before seen bridge with the distributor. We leverage their APIs to directly forward all the order information to create a cart on their website based on the information we obtained from your Meraki dashboard. You simply need to decide which licenses you wish to renew and enter the relevant organization information to forward all of this data and place your order!

Boundless Licensing Dashboard - Cart Order

How to get started with Boundless Licensing

To begin using the dashboard, you can sign up for a 90-Day Free Trial. One of our team members will reach out to you soon to discuss everything we’ll need to set up your account to begin the trial period.

You can also view the video below if you’d like a bit more information. We hope you try the tool and take advantage of this ease of management.

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  • Simplify and accelerate the renewal process
  • Minimize the risk of errors

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