Cloud-based log management to enhance your network operations

Gain more visibility into your network.

Log management is a critical component in the IT operations, and as such, it can easily become a complex task. Especially if you don’t count with a solution adapted to your specific needs.

Using simplified log management tools can help you get the data you need, however and whenever you need it. 

IT department monitor network activity

Whether you have to monitor your network activity, tracking changes, troubleshooting, faster or just to storing traffic-related data, getting the right tools for that will help you save loads of hours and headaches.

With its integrated Cloud-native log management solution, the Boundless Log offer helps IT departments gain more visibility into their network, and ensure compliance with local regulations, in all simplicity.

Is you business bound to preserve traffic-related data from your Guest WiFi?

Boundless Log aggregates and preserves traffic-related activity logs from your public WiFi, in compliance with the GDPR.

icon data compliance

Ensure compliance
with local regulations

Retain traffic-related logs from your public WiFi as required by the Data Retention Regulations.

icon data collection

Collect traffic-related
activity logs

Includes IP address, time-stamp, and duration of each individual connection.

icon online security

Protect network
activity data

Archive activity logs in a secure EU-based server.


Seamlessly collect, aggregate, and store log data with Boundless Log Plus.

Boundless Log Plus provides more advanced log management tools for better network monitoring, analytics, troubleshooting, and debugging.

This upgraded version makes it easier to access, visualize, and interact with log data through your browser.

icon data accessibility

Get log data accessible
quickly and reliably

icon location data intelligence

Open black boxes and
get a wider view of
your network

icon data visualization

Reveal insights on the
performance of your
configuration rules

Get your data unlocked.

Start your journey with Boundless Log