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Boundless Access Control​

Granular role-based access for the Meraki dashboard.

  • Build customized role-based access control list
  • Create unlimited permission roles
  • Get dynamic visibility of your entire user base
  • Create, manage and remove user privileges in bulk


Boundless Access Control is the most advanced access management application designed for Cisco Meraki.

The solution allows you to create custom permission roles for your users, and select the exact dashboard menus that each administrator will be authorized to view and modify, while restricting access everywhere else.

Boundless Access Control also centralizes your entire Meraki user base and enables you to simply add or remove hundreds of admins in bulk.

Boundless Access Control works through the use of the Meraki API and a web extension. The solution integrates with Cisco Meraki dashboard using the Meraki API.

To connect Boundless Access Control to your Meraki organization(s), you’ll first need to generate an API key in Meraki and enter it in the Boundless dashboard. Once you’ve entered your API key,  everything will be set up for you to begin creating Access Control Lists.

Access Control Lists (ACL) are lists of users with a specific level of access to the Meraki dashboard.

Natively, the Meraki dashboard does support Read-only or Full (write level) access. However, there is no functionality to control exactly which exact sections of the dashboard a user can access.

To overcome this challenge, Boundless Access Control enables more granular access to the Meraki dashboard by leveraging SAML and a web extension.

The Boundless Access Control functionality is dependent upon the extension, which allows the solution to control users’ access to the Meraki dashboard.

Once downloaded, the extension works automatically and does not need to be edited for use, as it syncs directly with the Access Control Lists and Permissions you set up on the Boundless dashboard.

The browser extension keeps track of every user and the specific Access Control List and Permission Levels assigned to them on Boundless.

Note that the Boundless Access Control extension is currently compatible with Chrome browsers only.

To create an Access Control List you first need to select the Meraki organizations, networks, or templates you want to grant access to.

Then, once your scope is selected, you need to create a permission role by choosing which dashboard sections you want to grant access to.

Finally, you select the users you want to grant access to the dashboard, in that case, you could either select an existing admin or create a new one.

Note that the assigned admins will automatically be converted to SAML users for the selected organization, that way they will be able to securely access the Meraki dashboard through Boundless SAML authentication.

You can assign multiple Meraki administrators to an Access Control List, and even assign multiple Access Control Lists, with different permission levels, to the same user. Note that in the last case, the less restrictive permission will apply.

Boundless Access Control includes a User Management tool that allows you to add a new user to all your organizations in one go.
You simply need to enter the User (or administrator) and select which organizations you want to grant them access to. Through the use of the Meraki API, the user will be added to all the selected organizations.

The User Management tool is also particularly useful for deleting users in bulk. You can simply click on a User to see all of the organizations that they have access to.
After doing so, you can also remove a selected user from all of their organizations. This is of great benefit if you’ve recently had a member leave your team, as manually having to delete them from each organization can take up a lot of time that could have been spent more productively.

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