Lagardère & Relay Stores Success Story

How did we help Lagardère enhance the performance and capabilities of their Cisco Meraki infrastructure with Boundless Automation tools

Lagardère Travel Retail is a pioneering global leader in the travel retail industry.

In France it operates over 900 stores across Travel Essentials and Foodservice, in airports, railway stations, and other concessions (not including the Duty Free division).

For over 5 years now, Lagardère has trusted Cisco Meraki for their point-of-sale (POS) connectivity, which links their sales terminal with a central location using over 1000 MR devices. The deployment of Meraki’s
equipment has greatly simplified the IT management of Lagardère points of sale, as well as increased its reliability.

Boundless Digital has contributed to this positive experience by developing bespoke solutions that perfectly complement Meraki’s features to provide more visibility into their organization, speed up network deployment, and make network configuration even more flexible.

Learn more on how Boundless Digital helped Lagardère enhance their performance by getting more from their Cisco Meraki infrastructure.

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