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In the era of the first Smart Cities, connectivity has become a critical development issue for cities around the world. So much that the EU has launched the Wifi4EU initiative to support the deployment of Wi-Fi Internet access in European local authorities. The Boundless City solution allows municipalities to adopt a powerful Wi-Fi coverage, or even to create a dedicated application, to connect the city with its citizens and make it both modern and smart, in compliance with the GDPR.


Main Benefits

  • Provision of free internet access
  • Promote local economic activity (tourism …)
  • Improve the image of the city
  • Fluidify road traffic
  • Saving energy in the context of a sustainable development policy (management of public lighting and transport)
  • Benefit from a direct communication channel with users
  • Analyze flows


At a time when nearly 80% of French mobile users are equipped with a smartphone, cities need more than ever to equip themselves with Wi-Fi terminals. With Boundless City, municipalities can equip themselves in hotspots and develop their application to improve their management and deliver a free Internet connection to their citizens. Through a captive portal, city dwellers can benefit from a variety of services that will enhance their city experience while, for its part, the city can collect and process data to improve its operation and save money.

Captive Portal Configuration

Choose the structure and connection options of the captive portal

Customize the content of the splash page

Connection Configuration

Set the duration of a connection before a new authentication request

Manage connection settings (limited / unlimited)


Satisfaction survey on the quality of services provided by the city

Analysis of the feedback from tourists and inhabitants

Provide useful information about the city

Weather conditions

Traffic conditions

Timetables and transport plans

Hotels with vacant rooms

Parking spaces available

Pollution level


Museums and shops open nearby

Popular activities right now

Suggestion of activities according to the weather

Energy savings and sustainable development

Management of public lighting according to the passage and the sunshine

Management of heating and cooling in public buildings according to the temperature

Highlighting recycling campaigns

Flow Management

Estimated population density in circulation by zone

Road traffic management

Transport management according to the flow of people

Boundless City solution, by broadening the use of Wi-Fi kiosks in the urban space and providing communities with flow analysis tools, gives the city the key to modernization. Equipping yourself with good Wi-Fi coverage and being able to analyze traffic-related data is indeed the first step towards creating the city of tomorrow, Smart City, sustainable, connected and flourishing. The other steps are for the metropolis itself to cross them, putting in place effective strategies from the metrics it has.

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