Boundless Digital solutions lets you gather data on customer behaviour in and around your location. Use this actionable data to understand the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, build loyalty, and thus increase revenue.  Access your customized and easy-to-use cloud based interface from anywhere. Data is collected in a non-intrusive way, anonymized and 100% GDPR compliant. Click below to find out more about Boundless Digital solutions specific to your industry.


Analyze the performance of your store with WiFi Technology

Optimize your ROI and get to know your customers better than ever before, using Boundless Analytics Wi-Fi technology solutions. It is a strategic decision-making tool that gives retailers a global view of their store performance and customer behaviour.


Evaluate the attractiveness of the point of sale to identify revenue drivers

Optimize the layout of the store by identifying customer paths and busy areas

Improve staff management

Refine targeting by identifying customer profiles

Analyze performance faster and more efficiently

Compare and analyze the performance of your campaigns and strategies to understand their effectiveness  to increase ROI

Boundless Guest


Set up personalized communication strategies

Interact with the visitor

Refine your targeting

Customize your splash page to the image of the brand

Improve the customer experience

Smart City

Connect the city to make it smart

In the era of the first Smart Cities, connectivity has become a critical development issue for cities around the world. So much so that the EU has launched the Wifi4EU initiative to support the deployment of Wi-Fi Internet access in European local authorities. The Boundless City solution allows municipalities to adopt powerful WiFi coverage, and create a dedicated application to connect the city with its citizens and make it both modern, smart and GDPR compliant. 


Provide free internet access

Promote local economic activity and tourism

Improve the image of the city

Improve road traffic flow

Save energy for sustainable development

Manage public lighting and transportation

Benefit from a direct communication channel with users

Analyze people flows and hotspots in the city


Optimize guest WiFi management in a multi-site environment

With Boundless Enterprise, professionals have a turnkey solution to better support their visitors, and easily and securely manage guests on their network. Host a customer or a prospective client on company property and offer them Wi-Fi access while ensuring the security of your information system. Boundless has developed Boundless Enterprise with one purpose: provide guest-specific Wi-Fi access to visitors while protecting sensitive business data, in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR and the log conservation legislation.


Receive notification of the visitor’s arrival

Improve client experience within the company

Optimize guest management

Guarantee the security of the information system in compliance with log retention legislation

Delegate access authorizations and account creation to increase productivity


Hospitality and Catering: Offer an optimized digital experience and create customer loyalty 

Today, in the hospitality industry, customers expect a free and secure connection to the hotel’s WiFi network. This service is popular with tourists, whose first reflex, is to cut their cellular network while travelling. Boundless Hospitality solution allows hoteliers and restaurateurs to offer their customers free internet access, and collect information in a non-intrusive way. This lets you gain insight on customer behaviour in order to make their stay more pleasant, thus increasing customer loyalty.


Ensure a consistent broadband connection throughout the facility

Secure customer data through the use of the captive guest portal

Promote offers and personalized services

Improve the overall customer experience

Engage with the customer directly

Customize your splash page to match the image of your establishment


Optimize the management of medical and hospital centers

Optimize the management of medical staff and resources with the Boundless Digital healthcare solution. Using WiFi and beacon technologies, and accessed through an application, the health staff can be geolocated in the medical establishment, manage their schedule, access patient records, check room occupancy, report food allergies of patients who have been housed and locate necessary materials. The healthcare solutions developed by Boundless Digital allows healthcare institutions to quickly and easily provide staff with all the information they need to improve their productivity and patient care. Given the sensitivity of medical data, Boundless Digital partners are approved by COFRAC.


Improve the well-being of medical staff

Optimize the movements of the nursing staff on site

Inform the nurses and doctors about equipment availability and location

Simplify the organization of schedules

Better manage emergencies

Simplify access to medical resources such as medical records, vital constants of patients and more.

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