Hospitality / Catering: Offer an optimized digital experience to its customers

Hospitality / Catering: Offer an optimized digital experience to its customers


In the hotel and catering sectors, it has become very important to guarantee its customers a free and secure connection to the hotel’s Wi-Fi network. This service is indeed very popular with tourists, whose first reflex, on their arrival in foreign land, is to cut their cellular network. Boundless Hospitality solution allows hoteliers and restaurateurs not only to offer their customers free Internet access, but also to collect information on their behavior in order to make their stay more pleasant, in the strictest respect of the GDPR.


  • Ensure a consistent broadband connection throughout the facility
  • Ensuring the security of customer data through the use of the captive guest portal
  • Suggest offers and personalized services
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Interact with the customer
  • Customize your splash page to the image of the establishment

Our solution

Whether you are in a hotel or a restaurant, the free internet connection has become a must. With Boundless Hospitality, the establishments make available to their customers a Wi-Fi access that is at the same time free, fast and secure. Through a captive portal, clients can benefit from various services that will enhance their experience within the institution. Through this system, the hotelier or restaurateur extracts information allowing him to better know his guests and offer them personalized assistance.

Captive Portal Configuuration

• Choose of the structure of the captive portal (cutting of the page and means of connection)

• Customize the content (text and image) of splash page

Interaction with the customer


• Highlighting the services offered by the establishment

• Exclusive promotions (QR codes, promotional codes …)

• Service offers

Custom Suggestions

• Analysis of the history of the requested services

• Recommendations based on customer preferences



• Satisfaction surveys (notations, smileys …)

• Analysis of customer feedback


• Construction of a visitor database

• Trimming visitors according to their characteristics

• Estimation of visitor flows in the establishment


With Boundless Hospitality, hotels and restaurants offer their customers high-speed Internet connection through the establishment of a Wi-Fi guest network. In this way, they enrich their customer knowledge, become able to interact directly with their hosts in a personalized way and deliver them better benefits. They thus acquire powerful means to improve the performance of their establishment, while respecting the rules of the GDPR.

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