Upgrade network management. Empower IT teams.

Boundless solutions bring more agility, efficiency and value to network administration, so that IT teams can do more, in less time.


Manage & Easily configure all your guest WiFi access through the Cloud.


Our solution collects WiFi & Camera signals to display insightful metrics related to visitors behaviors on-site.


Our solution integrates Cisco Meraki APIs in order to simply configuration, provisioning and monitoring network equiments (Switching, Firewall, Wireless, Cameras) 

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Boundless Webinar Series | Network Provisioning Q&A

The #1 BWS Session on Network Provisioning raised many questions around the Boundless Automation tool. Unfortunately, due to time limitations we couldn't answer all of them during the LIVE session. But, we promised to respond to you all. And we keep our promises! So...

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Boundless reinforces security and brings new features in

Table of contents New security releases How to guide New security releasesOnline safety is a huge concern for everyone – especially network administrators. Whereas passwords are the most standard method to protect access to an account or platform, hackers are getting...

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Tips for a more secure remote work environment

Table of contents Introduction Main security threats for remote workers Digital hygiene tips for remote workers References IntroductionThe COVID-19 crisis represents the perfect storm for malicious cyber attackers, who are actively intensifying their attacks against...

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Shadow IT, BYOD, Chief Digital Officer … So many terms that have flourished in the IT press in recent years. All are indicative of the gap that is growing between the ISD and trades. Misunderstood by the general management, often considered as a brake by users, the ISD is regularly isolated.

However, in a time of digital transformation of companies, the role of ISDs is central in taking charge of change management, becoming a leader and a pioneer of innovation. In this context, Boundless Digital solutions have been developed to unite around the IT department, the different partners and make it a service center with an approach focused on the ROI.

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