Optimize the management of medical and hospital centers thanks to beacons

Optimize the management of medical and hospital centers thanks to beacons

In hospitals or medical centers, it is now possible to use tools resulting from digital transformation, such as beacons, to improve the management of its establishment. The healthcare solutions developed by Boundless Digital enable healthcare institutions to quickly and easily provide their staff with all the information they need to improve their productivity and, ultimately, to better treat patients. Since medical data is particularly sensitive, Boundless Digital partners are approved by COFRAC.

1. Issues

  • Improve the well-being of medical staff
  • Optimize the movements of the nursing staff within the structure
  • Inform the nurses and doctors about the equipment available and its location
  • Simplify the organization of schedules
  • Better manage emergencies
  • Simplify access to medical resources (medical records, vital constants of patients …)

2. Our solutions

Thanks to Wi-Fi and beacon technologies, Boundless Digital develops solutions that digitize and modernize health structures to optimize the management of medical staff and resources. Through an application, the health staff can be geolocated in the medical establishment, manage their schedule, access patient records, check room occupancy, report food allergies to patients who have been housed, or know where to get the food. Necessary material.

Communication within the institution


• Establishment of a social network internal to the structure, or even several internal discussion groups for each department

• Livechat between members of the nursing staff

• Access to the location of colleagues

Help in the care of the sick

• Automatic prioritizations based on health status and order of arrival of patients

• Flow analysis within the institution

Find yourself in the institution

• Access to the premises plans

• Guiding staff members according to their location in the facility

• Access to the position of carers in real time within the structure

Staff Security

• Guidance of staff members in case of emergency evacuation

• Real time emergency notifications

• Safety instructions

Inventory Management

• Information about drug arrivals, their storage location, storage conditions and expiry dates

• Food order management

• Evaluation of soap stocks, hydroalcoholic solutions …

• Information on the receipt of clean uniforms for staff after their laundering

Hospital Room Management

• Assigning specific rooms according to the needs of patients (rooms designed for people with motor disabilities …)

• Information on the occupants of the rooms, their date of arrival, the reason for their hospitalization, their allergies or forbidden food and possibly their vital signs

• Location, temperature and humidity information

Useful Information for Carers

• Management of the schedule

• Access to the schedules of one’s colleagues

• Access to patient medical records

3. Conclusion

With Boundless Digital solutions, it becomes possible to optimize the management of healthcare facilities. Thanks to beacon and Wi-Fi technologies coupled with a dedicated application, medical staff have easy access to information, which allows them to be more efficient and save time. Medical structures gain in efficiency because information is quickly accessible and communication between departments and staff is fluid. The goal is to better care for the sick and improve the well-being of caregivers by facilitating their professional lives.

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