Optimize guest Wi-Fi management in a multi-site environment


How to imagine hosting a customer or a prospect in the premises of his company without offering him Wi-Fi access while ensuring the security of his IS? To answer this problem, Boundless developed Boundless Enterprise with one purpose: provide guest-specific Wi-Fi access to visitors while protecting sensitive business data, in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR and the log conservation legislation. With Boundless Enterprise, professionals have a turnkey solution to better support their visitors and to easily and securely manage guests on their network.


  • Se tenir informé de l’arrivée du visiteur
  • Améliorer l’expérience du client ou prospect au sein de l’entreprise
  • Optimiser la gestion des invités
  • Garantir la sécurité du système d’information dans le respect de la législation de conservation des logs
  • Pouvoir déléguer les autorisations d’accès et les créations de comptes pour gagner en productivité

The Boundless Enterprise solution allows the company to provide its guests with secure high-speed Wi-Fi access via two means: sponsorship and unique access code.

Sponsoring Connection

Via a captive portal, the visitor informs his identity and the email address of his contact within the company, notifying the latter of his arrival. The guest also has access to useful documentation to become familiar with the premises and organization of the company.

• The guest gives his last name, first name, phone number and e-mail address, then indicates the e-mail address of his sponsor in the company

• An email is sent to the sponsor and indicates that the prospect or the customer is on the spot and tries to connect

• The sponsor allows access to the guest network

Login with access code

Via the captive guest portal, the visitor has the opportunity to enter an access code specially created for him by an authorized person.

• Creation of an individual access code by the reception staff

• Entering the access code by the visitor

• Possible re-use of the access code

Improved Reception

• Reduced waiting time thanks to arrival notification

• Provision of a broadband Internet connection

• Easier access to the general documentation of the company (premises plan, organization chart …)

• Satisfaction questionnaire

Guest Management

• Total number of connected guests

• Duration of the visit

• Administration per site


The Boundless Enterprise solution makes it possible to optimize the reception of its customers and prospects and to make their visit within the premises of the company a pleasant moment. Boundless Enterprise is the ideal solution to start the future meeting or negotiation in the best conditions and improve the image of the company in the eyes of visitors.

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