Access insightful data using deeply integrated technologies developed by Boundless Digital. Our solution lets you collect real-time customer data, get accurate visibility of visitor traffic, dwell times, visitor patterns and more in any given environment.

Some of our technologies include:



Analyze visitor paths on site

Visitor Count

Track on-site traffic in real time

Passersby Count

Evaluate the attractiveness of your display window based on shopper activity


Estimate the loyalty of customers by period

Queue Management

Determine peak and off-peak periods


Identify which spaces are the busiest


Improve the organization of the point of sale

Duration of visit

Monitor time spent on site by your visitors

Conversion rate

Calculate the ratio of sales to the number of visits

Visitor Detection

Identify visitors and their number of visits

Smart Light

Adjust location lighting in real time



The dashboard is accessible from anywhere and retranscribes in real time the data captured by our solutions. This unique tool allows you to analyze and monitor visitor patterns, dwell times, demographic information and much more.


We realize that each of our clients have their own specificities and needs in terms of metrics. That is why, as experts in Machine Learning and Data Visualization, we offer personalized dashboards so that you can gather information relevant to you and your business. Boundless Digital collects multiple sources of data using technologies such as wifi, cameras and PoS. The collected data has proven value and is correlated and aggregated centrally.

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