Release the full potential of your IT network



Boundless Automation is an intuitive and scalable Cloud-based network automation solution.

Thanks to the integration of Cisco Meraki APIs, Boundless Automation simplifies the configuration, provisioning, and monitoring of IT infrastructures, so that organizations can streamline the configuration of multiple networks in few seconds and few clicks.

By enabling IT networks to be configured like a software, Boundless Automation improves network manageability, accelerates response time and reduces redundant routine tasks, ultimately empowering IT teams to optimize operational efficiency.

Simplify and automatize complex multisite network configuration

  • Streamline network configuration and reduce potential errors
  • Iteratively introduce new applications faster and securely
  • Enforce the consistency of systems and devices across sites

Enhance network monitoring and alert management

  • Automate the auditing of network connections
  • Proactively respond in case of configuration drift

Access a wide array of data technologies and services

  • Bring together multiple data points simply and efficiently
  • Broaden your business performance and insights overview
  • Analyse how the business is operating in real time and overtime

Centralise management and access to multisite networks

Make data accessible, manageable and extensible through one single access point


Boundless Digital has performed the deepest integration of Cisco Meraki APIs and identified multiple challenges that Meraki users are facing every day. 

These features have been integrated into this existing platform to enrich Boundless Digital portfolio.


  • Create bulk networks directly from XLS upload
  • Use Meraki API key to create sites and associated devices

Template Configuration

  • List and create customized templates
  • Widely deploy new, updated or cloned configurations simultaneously
  • Easily compare and adjust configuration setting across sites


  • Optimize tagging system with global visibility
  • Export in CSV and compliance check


  • Configure alerts and resolve issues in batches

Security Rules

  • List, categorize and configure rule sets
  • Compare rule configuration across sites and export in XLS format

Switch port monitoring

  • List used ports and check individual status and log history


In today’s times, IT leaders are requested to rethink old operating models and implement new solutions that will increase agility and speed for the entire organization.

This entails finding new ways to adapt to rapid changes and automating processes so that any changes and new standards can easily and rapidly be scaled across organizations and networks. 

Automating operations in the configuration, provisioning, and monitoring of IT networks lead to increased efficiency.

Yet, it can easily become a complex task, as it requires specific knowledge and skills to effectively bridge technologies through the integration and combination of APIs.

By coupling our programming expertise and knowledge of Cisco Meraki APIs, Boundless Automation helps IT teams easily and rapidly automate their organization’s network.

Are you interested in accelerating your IT processes in an easy and scalable way?